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An Affordable Compliance Management System for MSMEs, SMEs and Larger Businesses - Keeping Data Controllers Up-To-Date With The Latest Data Privacy Regulations"

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Fully Customizable Solutions from iComply

No business is too small... or too big!

iComply is an adaptable, revolutionary compliance management system that provides comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to businesses of all sizes. It helps organizations meet their various and complex compliance obligations. The system ensures accuracy and transparency in monitoring regulations and legislation to ensure that businesses

Make the most of your time and Budget! Choose what works for you.

For MSME, Navigating the complex compliance landscape can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why we have created three sets of tools tailored to your company size, project scope, budget constraints or personal preferences. SMEs and larger Enterprises will find the support they need to work towards Compliance without breaking the bank.
With comprehensive guidance and explanation accompanying each option, you can decide what works best for you: an external solution that can be customized according to your needs; or a free internal approach when following pre-determined standards.

Everything in one convenient place - Guides, documents and templates!

When you decide to proceed with your self-guide assessment, we will provide unrestricted access to templates and instructions that will simplify the process of getting started with PDPA-compliant policies. And we'll offer continual updates for twelve months so that your documents can comply with this developing regulation.

Your PDPA assistant

iComply, with 4 AI-Modules

Depending on their internal capabilities and the budget they allot to outsourcing, each business can select any of the four available modules to guarantee that Data Controllers stay up-to-date with data privacy regulations.

  1. Gap Assessment with the required steps of the Compliance Model for their appropriate size and business type. (knowledge Discovery)
  2. The Compliance Plan, elaborated step by step to Compliance (Structured Plan)
  3. Executing the implementation, Documenting all policies, procedures & notices, deliver Awareness Training and Designing Response Strategies.
  4. Maintenance and recording Compliance Status and Actions, by designing a method to record Data Subjects consent, data management and expiry, monthly compliance check, maintaining RoPA, maintaining awareness, Data Security with cybersecurity monitoring...

1. GAP Assessment

Access to all our templates and documents to collect the critical data for your PDPA compliance with a clear plan and produce your policies and compliance documents.

  • Detailed User Guide
  • PDPA important facts & regulations
  • Comprehensive forms and Templates to complete your Policies
  • 45 min call supporting the process

Included for free, is a short report sent by email after the completion to validate your work  and to propose a list of improvements, including a check on your  Data classification.

Price is based on size of the business & requirements.

MSME      THB 25,000
 SME        THB 25,000
SME+       THB 75,000

2. Compliance Plan

Complementary to the GAP assessment, the Compliance Plan will equip your staff and management with a detailed  plan and a checklist of actions, suggestions and recommendations to prepare for the implementation of the compliance of the  company.

The price will be tailored to the size of the company, the number of office and interviews that we have to pilot. 

The delivery will be in the form of a process manual to be actioned, with a definition of the roles and the responsibility of the staff involved.

it will include specific steps and a manual to help the Data Controller with his duty.

MSME      THB 5,000
   SME        THB 15,000
   SME+     THB 30,000

3. Implementation

Based on a quality analysis during the Gap assessment and with a comprehensive implementation plan, the next step is to faithfully follow it, with a rewrite of the processes, a revision of the data collection points and access control limited using a need to know basis. Next, Implementation of privacy notices, security policy, and creatiom of the RoPA for each collection point that requires it and control the lawful basis for each data collection.

A fine review of data minimisation and compliance with all the guidelines of the PDPA to define where you will need a data impact assessment.

last, a revision of the last security audit and validation of the latest corrections.

MSME      THB 15,000
 SME        THB 45,000
    SME+      THB 99,000+

4. Tracking, Recording and Monitoring Compliance

Using our newly developed tool, Companies will be able to maintain a record of the Consent given, the interactions with Data Subject and a tracking of their requests and replies given, centralisation of all policies and their updates, a data map of the flow of information. A complete record of all the roles accepted with their detailed responsibilities, the data processing agreement internally and with 3rd parties. In a nutshell, the full life of the company and its compliance with the PDPA in real time.

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iComply Multiple Modules - full description

A Comprehensive Look into iComply PDPA Modules and their assistance to your Businesses Compliance

The starter...

1. Gap Assessment Module

The first module, the Gap Assessment Module, is a powerful tool that uses a suite of questionnaires and checklists to help organizations identify potential PDPA compliance gaps. It begins by inquiring about the type of data the company processes, followed by questions regarding departments, roles and responsibilities of key staff members pertaining to the PDPA. This enables organizations to gain an in-depth understanding of their obligations under the Act, allowing them to determine what further steps need to be taken in order to become fully compliant.
In addition, the module also offers a comprehensive investigation mechanism for any issues identified during the self-assessment process. This part of the assessment is designed to provide deeper insights into any potential compliance vulnerabilities within an organization and how they can be addressed. Through this analysis, organizations can evaluate their current policies and procedures in order to ensure that they are compliant with the law before proceeding with any corrective action.

In summary, the Gap Assessment Module provides an effective way for organizations to self-evaluate their PDPA compliance status and take action where necessary. By leveraging its suite of questionnaires and checklists as well as its detailed investigation mechanism, organizations can gain invaluable insight into their current data protection practices – allowing them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards achieving full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


2. Compliance Plan Module

The second module, the Compliance Plan Module, is designed to build on the information gathered from Module 1 to create a comprehensive plan for addressing any gaps in data privacy and security that were uncovered.
With expert guidance from iComply, this module provides step-by-step guide users can use to implement tailored strategies that meet PDPA requirements. The plan helps ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, assisting organisations in making changes across their operations quickly.
The Compliance Plan Module details the steps needed to comply with the PDPA fully. This includes creating clear policies, educating personnel on data protection protocols, and setting up internal processes for monitoring and enforcement. Additionally, this module will help organizations identify any technical vulnerabilities in existing systems and provide guidance on implementing appropriate technical controls. 
This module also provides specific recommendations for implementing the plans created within it. Not only are these recommendations tailored to an organization’s specific needs but they also provide detailed explanations of any tools or techniques required for successful implementation. Furthermore, iComply offers constant support should users need additional assistance while making changes according to PDPA requirements.

Ultimately, by providing a step-by-step guide and expert support every step of the way, the Compliance Plan Module makes it easier for organizations to comply with all applicable laws and regulations – ensuring maximum data privacy and security across their entire operation.

Time to set it up...

3. Implementation Module

The third module is the Implementation Module which helps organizations ensure their compliance plans are correctly and successfully executed. It provides a variety of resources ranging from templates for creating responses to data subjects and tools for tracking interactions with external suppliers, ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations are taken into consideration. The module also provides all necessary documentation needed to implement and includes elaborate descriptions of RoPA (Record of Processing Activity). 

This can be incredibly beneficial, as it allows organizations to more easily understand their obligations in regard to PDPA compliance and how they should proceed with implementation. Furthermore, this module considers any changes made to existing processes or introduces new ones while maintaining secure operations at all times. As such, this module helps organizations keep up with ever-evolving regulations while minimizing risks associated with noncompliance. 

In addition, this module can provide peace of mind when it comes down to meeting their PDPA obligations, storing and processing customer data, and providing customers with their rights – such as the right to access personal data or the right to erasure. The Implementation Module ensures organizations have all the information they need on hand at any given time when concerning PDPA compliance. 


4. Compliance Maintenance and Tracking

The fourth module is based on a monthly subscription. It is the Compliance Maintenance and Tracking Module, a vital component of the company's PDPA Compliance. Its purpose is to manage and monitor any and all activities related to data protection. 

This is done by keeping records up-to-date and accurate so that the organization can quickly respond to any inquiries from regulatory bodies or generate reports to show their compliance with applicable laws. 
Automated reports and dashboards can be used to gain further insights into progress made towards data security, such as gaps in implementations or additional opportunities for improvement. 

Besides that, the module also plays a role in ensuring the company's cybersecurity by verifying that its systems are adequately secured with protective measures like robust security protocols and features to prevent any data leakage or unauthorized access. Additionally, it monitors for any suspicious activities around the clock, avoiding potential threats from taking place before they become a problem. 

Furthermore, encryption of sensitive data is essential for companies dealing with confidential information, allowing them to protect important documents while still being able to use the data. With the Tracking Module, businesses can easily keep track of their compliance history and avoid liabilities due to non-compliance. 

Are you an Accounting Firm or Consultant?

We can train you on our Tools and Method to provide additional value and expertise to your clients.

Transform your consulting or accounting business into a trusted provider of tailored compliance solutions with iComply! Our specialized tool provides the perfect cost-effective and efficient solution to help you deliver Compliance Services to small businesses, freeing up their limited resources for other growth areas.

iComply offers a comprehensive compliance solution for consulting and accounting firms of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our tool specializes in streamlining the process of staying compliant with regulatory requirements and industry standards, reducing tedious work and freeing up resources to focus on other growth areas.

You have many options, from a simple Gap analysis to building your compliance plan, and finally implementing a complete compliance solution. 

iComply will soon include the module to maintain all tasks of compliance, recording your policies, and privacy notice, as well as the tedious RoPA and recording Data Subject requests as well as your responses.

The product is designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive interface dramatically simplifying compliance processes & ensuring data accuracy.

The software automates a variety of tasks related to compliance, ranging from filing paperwork and managing documents to tracking changes in regulations. By eliminating manual labour, it increases efficiency and productivity while reducing the workload of staff members.

What makes iComply stand out is its ability to customize solutions according to specific client needs. Companies can select relevant features for their particular situation, such as risk analysis systems or automated auditing tools. Furthermore, iComply's built-in analytics module allows users to assess their compliance status at any given time, making it easier than ever before to remain compliant in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

Finally, iComply comes with exceptional customer support that ensures companies get maximum value from the tool. A dedicated team of experts will help troubleshoot issues around installation or set-up as well as offer guidance on how best to use the platform and make sure clients are implementing best practices across all aspects of their business. This kind of tailored service helps build trust between the provider and customers by showing commitment towards helping them succeed in an increasingly complex arena.